SKU: ZKB Brooches

SKU: ZKB Brooches

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ZKB style is handmade in Nepal. This adorable item is a 7" felt roses with backed a Pin attached. It can use on scarves, hats, or other purpose you desire


--- Handmade in Nepal

--- 100% Merino wool

--- Dry clean only

--- Packed in a gloss bag

--- 7 Inches  

--- Color collection; ZKB34- Coffee, ZKB35- Black/red; ZKB36- Orange; ZKB37- Red; ZKB38- Purple; ZKB39- Teal; ZKB40- Pink; ZKB41- Crimson; ZKB42- Mint; ZKB43- Olive; ZKB44- Pink; ZKB45- Sunshine

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